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Why get a stand by generator from Generac



 The GP2200i inverter generator provides outdoor enthusiasts with a  portable power solution designed for a variety of open-air festivities.  From weekends in the woods to outdoor cookouts and get-togethers, these  models provide the stable power you need without disturbing neighbors or  surrounding wildlife.

Using TruePower™ Technology, the GP2200i produces the clean power  required by a variety of sensitive electronics, tools and appliances.  Compact and fully-enclosed, its lightweight design makes transportation  easy, and its Economy mode feature also reduces fuel consumption rates  and noise emissions to operate quietly for extended periods of time.

Whether you’re tailgating for the big game or simply want to enhance  your campsite experience without disrupting the environment around you,  Generac’s GP2200i inverter generator is right for you. 

Starting From: $799

Portable Generators

Many get their first introduction to portable generators when they need emergency power. But portable generators have many uses around the home and on the job site.

Starting From: $429

Air Cooled Standby Generators

Generac automatic home backup generators are permanently installed. Automatically deliver power during an outage. Can back up your entire home if you choose. And are the preferred brand of homeowners who invest in home backup power.

Starting From: $2,529

Pumps, Switches & Washers

Manual Transfer Switch

Select-circuit transfer switches allow you to choose 6 to 16 select household circuits to power during an outage. If your needs change and later you choose to power more, your installer can easily expand the transfer switch by just adding more circuit breakers. Ideal for powering your furnace blower (gas or oil only), refrigerator and kitchen circuits, well pump, water heater, lights, security system, garage door opener and television. The enclosure can be surface or flush* mounted indoors next to an existing electrical panel in a basement, interior room or garage. Accommodates Arc fault and GFCI breakers to meet current code requirements. Wattmeters help you balance generator loads to prolong engine life. UL Listed in USA and Canada.  

* Model 6376 enclosure designed for surface mount only.

Starting From: $299

Pressure Washers

From washing the driveway or prepping for a painting job, Generac pressure washers give you the power you need to blast away dirt and grime. We've engineered every Generac pressure washer from the ground up, using input from our customers, to ensure that they provide the cleaning power for virtually any cleaning task around the house.

Starting From: $369

Water Pumps

Generac offers reliable pumps built to meet the needs of homeowners, farmers, construction crews and more. They’re up for any job – from draining swimming pools and ponds to removing standing water from basements or farm fields.

Starting From: $299


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